I really hope this becomes a thing

I toured AACT’s pilot project at Stoltz lumber in Kalispell, MT last January. Still one of my favorite new companies, and not just because they were started in my hometown.

AACT: Super Smart Integrated Biosystems

A short video about Algae Aqua-Culture Technologies, based in my hometown the Flathead Valley of Montana

Algae + sunlight + any waste woody materials (leftovers from a lumber mill, agricultural harvest remainders, forest damage, invasive species to name a few)


– 4 different kinds of fuel (can be turned into enough electricity to power 100 homes)

– Reclaim hundreds of gallons of water each day from the wood

– Produce 2 tons of organic fertilizing soil amendment each week, which adds not only the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate plants need, but also returns carbon, minerals, and micronutrients to the soil

– can capture waste CO2 emissions from an industrial smoke stack and feed it to the algae

– Has a half acre of vertical farming space so you can grow food all year round in virtually any climate

– 6 green power houses (less than 1 acre and ~60,000 sq. ft.) could power an entire mill site or light industrial plant, eliminating the need for a furnace and smokestack system

– 1 green power house payback period: 5 years

– 6 green power houses payback period: 2 years