Since 2010, we have worked with 25+ other organizations and about a half dozen clients in our effort to prevent a sixth mass extinction on this planet.


Our Mission

To help provide nutritious food, clean water, renewable energy, high-performance housing, appropriate healthcare, and a relevant education to every person on the planet, while creating an economy that works for all life. 

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea
— Antoine de Saint Exupery. The Wisdom of the Sands

What We've Achieved

  • Launched the e-commerce portal, Coneybeare Sustainability Marketplace, by signing up participant product and service suppliers (12 products, 50 service providers so far), selling the vision/low-cost opportunity for exposure, and recruiting low-cost interns.
  • Exceeded Empower G&E goals by selling $50K+ in energy efficiency upgrades in 10 months, realized avg. ROI of 4x, and annual returns of 10-40% for the homeowner through selling and performing home energy assessments, creating and presenting 250+ proposals, and serving as client advocate for Quality Assurance.

  • Increased industry exposure of Pilus Energy project by presenting at the EPA’s 2014 Technology and Innovation Showcase event and spearheading and speaking at multi-stakeholder event of 30 representatives from the EPA, the City of Cincinnati, and Municipal Sewer District
  • Designed comprehensive food and landscaping waste management system for Caltech.
  • Creating more economic demand for high quality honey and regeneratively managed bees by raising consumer awareness of mead at events such as La Costa Film Festival and Balboa Park’s Earth Fair, writing copy for strategic marketing initiatives, and collecting data to inform production decisions.
  • Accelerated Pilus Energy’s acquisition by overseeing website redesign, script writing and entire creative process for whiteboard animation video, developing press opportunities in Inhabitat and Cleantechnica, and leading Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
  • Enabled R&D of Pilus technology platform by recruiting and training team of 40, setting team goals/deliverables, and directing development of the patent portfolio of ~15 alongside IP attorney.