Help Us

If you like what we are about and want to help us, here are some things that would be valuable.

  • Financial support for any of the projects listed in Seeking Additional Funding or for any of the conceptual ideas in the Idea Emporium. I wish money weren't at the top of this list but right now that is the main limiting factor. That and additional human resources, but money would allow for the fair compensation of those humans.
  • That being said, if any humans out there want to work on this for sweat equity we will operate on the Slicing Pie model of all at-risk contributions remaining equal to compensation and the company probably isn't worth more than ~$150k sooo you could earn equity pretty fast. We want to convert the company ASAP into a worker-owned cooperative and B-Corp (that's another thing we could use help with, especially the legal side of things). 
  • Always looking for referrals to individuals or businesses interested in creating sustainable (and regenerative) financial, social, or ecological systems, particularly those that already have a budget.

If you have experience in any of the following, please get in touch.

Business related

  • Experience with grants, small business innovation research (SBIR) or other grant funding mechanisms like NRCS cost-share
  • Private funding sources interested in sustainable development
  • Supply chain development & materials/parts sourcing
  • Making sure projects are taking advantage of all applicable government incentives for CleanTech and environmental stewardship
  • Navigating the regulatory space including permitting, and politics

Science related/technical skills

  • Electron microscopy, spectrophotometer, Molecular Dynamics Phosphor imager, and mass spectrometry,
  • Practical microbiology skills, genetic engineering, microbe identification/characterization via microscopy etc.
  • GIS, keyline design, holistic planned grazing, silvopasture, agroecological design etc.
  • 3D, integrated multi-trophic (lots of species) ocean aquaculture
  • 3D modeling (hopefully including 3D scanning, maybe even 3D scanning with a drone i.e. aerial map -> topo lines
  • Fabrication and Machining experience (e.g. lathe, milling, CNC, CAD, CAM)

Burning Question that if anyone could answer I would be eternally grateful. Plus it could be just a little bit useful.

  • Is there anything to the idea that bumblebees have a resonance chamber near their larynx that they vibrate and create a sort of buoyancy within the earth’s electromagnetic field allowing for easier flight?
    • Probably the accepted explanation (null hypothesis):
    • Alternative hypothesis:
      •  “Next to the larynx in the bumblebees throat, there is a tiny hollow tube that acts as a resonance cavity that accumulates frequency. When the bee starts beating its wings, it does this to accumulate frequency which bounces back and forth in the resonator cavity until it reaches the same frequency of the earth, known as the Schumann frequency. Once the bee reaches the same frequency as its surroundings it evens out into what is known as zero point. The bee is now free from the gravitational influence around it, creates its own little magnetic bubble and hovers around. There are some lizards and hummingbirds that do the same thing.” – Ralph Ring
        • who learned it from Arthur C. Aho who wrote the book “Tomorrow’s Energy Need Not Be Fuel”