Partner Project: Algae Aquaculture Technologies

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Partner Project: Algae Aquaculture Technologies



Mission Statement: AACT’s mission is to reformat bioenergy and residual or “waste” biomass into high-value, organic, agricultural and industrial products. AACT is recycling and reconditioning ‘bio-waste’ to reduce ecological impacts while maximizing environmental sustainability and producing a profit for AACT shareholders. 

**We're doing this so we can: rejuvenate Earth, help to feed Earth's billions, heal its air, purify its water and return excess atmospheric carbon to soil and to life.

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AACT leverages the incredible growth of Earth's temperate and boreal forests and ag lands by using their residual biomass to produce organic soil fertility conditioners and soil regenerating products that help rejuvenate our soil, air, water, fields and forests. The AACT Green Power House (TM) also helps forest, industrial, municipal and agricultural economies by generating biogases, bio-oils, heat and electricity for off-grid energy independence, while capturing most effluents and converting them to long-lived soil regenerating products.


Algae Aqua-Culture Technology's advanced computer controls combine residual wood and agricultural products, along with nitrogen-fixing algae into dynamic, organic soil amendments. The process is off-grid, soil-regenerating, organic, and fossil-fuel free.



--U.S. Business Delegate to APEC Conference, November, 2011. Selected as one of five small- to medium- U.S. technology companies asked to be delegates to the November, 2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Event--which was attended by 21 heads of state, including President Obama, and over 17,000 attendees.
--Awarded $350,000 grant by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in September, 2010.



Primary Products are Organic Soil Fertility Conditioners/Soil Regenerating Products, which include liquid soil fertility conditioners, soil regenerating concentrate, and soil regenerating garden/potting soil. Secondary Products are methane, greenhouse space, bio-oils, heat for industrial applications and electricity.

Products are organic, weed-free, fossil-fuel-free, soil-regenerating and off-grid--all produced in a warm, moist a tropical biodome (the Green Power House) that allows you to step directly from a Northern winter into what feels and smells like a little bit of Maui. Their carbon recapture and optimization technology allows producers to potentially control much of their energy and fertilizer production and, as a result, to avoid the huge economic stresses of wild swings in energy and fertilizer costs.