What an epoxy how-to video made me think of..

Here’s a sneak peek into how my mind works. First off you have to know I really don’t like to waste stuff. Second, you have to know that when you mix a two-part epoxy in some scrap plastic container you are usually going to have some waste at the end (if you have a trick to avoid this I want to know). Third I nerd out on looking at stuff through a microscope.

Now, here’s where this how-to-video took my imagining mind… You’re applying a finish like epoxy to a workpiece by seeing the piece magnified up to x, and operating a highly articulated sprayer to apply the finish. You just need wide range variable zooming microscope glasses, and capable miniature robotics like in laparoscopic surgery, and maybe a VR or AR skin to go over it (depending on the application). In the case of applying a finish to a precision part you might end up with a much more efficiently – and hopefully effectively-  finished piece, maybe even more akin to how nature preserves things. Working closer to her scale.

Tl;dr being able to zoom in at will on the micro-environments around us would be amazing in a lot of ways. Might even instill a little more biophilia among the masses. See the world in an entirely new way.