Anyone want to fund my super car idea?

If I started a #GoFundMe to add the following to my @VW #GTI would anyone contribute?

I'm thinking a combo of @proteanelectric’s electric wheels, an autonomous driving package (@TeslaMotors will you sell me one??), an electrolysis cell to produce oxyhydrogen gas for more complete and thus cleaner engine burn, thin film photovoltaics on the roof and hood, and regenerative braking for starters. Would this be cheaper than buying a new Tesla Model 3 with the $8,000 autonomous upgrade? If we can fund that, next I’d replace some of the heavier components with carbon fiber, add a thermoelectric generator to produce electricity when the car is baking on a hot day, and maybe some kind of advanced nanofoam bumpers (are those a thing yet??).

This would turn my front wheel drive GTI into a super-light, super-safe, super-fuel efficient AWD (with all 4 wheels potentially being able to work independently), hybrid gas-electric vehicle, with regenerative braking, self-driving, electricity generation (from solar), and super efficient combustion (from oxyhydrogen gas injection).

What an epoxy how-to video made me think of..

Here’s a sneak peek into how my mind works. First off you have to know I really don’t like to waste stuff. Second, you have to know that when you mix a two-part epoxy in some scrap plastic container you are usually going to have some waste at the end (if you have a trick to avoid this I want to know). Third I nerd out on looking at stuff through a microscope.

Now, here’s where this how-to-video took my imagining mind… You’re applying a finish like epoxy to a workpiece by seeing the piece magnified up to x, and operating a highly articulated sprayer to apply the finish. You just need wide range variable zooming microscope glasses, and capable miniature robotics like in laparoscopic surgery, and maybe a VR or AR skin to go over it (depending on the application). In the case of applying a finish to a precision part you might end up with a much more efficiently – and hopefully effectively-  finished piece, maybe even more akin to how nature preserves things. Working closer to her scale.

Tl;dr being able to zoom in at will on the micro-environments around us would be amazing in a lot of ways. Might even instill a little more biophilia among the masses. See the world in an entirely new way.