Thermoelectric generator

Anyone want to fund my super car idea?

If I started a #GoFundMe to add the following to my @VW #GTI would anyone contribute?

I'm thinking a combo of @proteanelectric’s electric wheels, an autonomous driving package (@TeslaMotors will you sell me one??), an electrolysis cell to produce oxyhydrogen gas for more complete and thus cleaner engine burn, thin film photovoltaics on the roof and hood, and regenerative braking for starters. Would this be cheaper than buying a new Tesla Model 3 with the $8,000 autonomous upgrade? If we can fund that, next I’d replace some of the heavier components with carbon fiber, add a thermoelectric generator to produce electricity when the car is baking on a hot day, and maybe some kind of advanced nanofoam bumpers (are those a thing yet??).

This would turn my front wheel drive GTI into a super-light, super-safe, super-fuel efficient AWD (with all 4 wheels potentially being able to work independently), hybrid gas-electric vehicle, with regenerative braking, self-driving, electricity generation (from solar), and super efficient combustion (from oxyhydrogen gas injection).